Signage Bonding Solutions

Product Guide for Signage  Bonding Solutions

Beat the competition with signage designs that defy gravity with the help of 3M bonding and assembly solutions.

Explore how 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes can expand your design possibilities for indoor and outdoor sign installations:

Combine dissimilar materials. Seamlessly with no unsightly marks. 3M industrial adhesives and tapes help streamline the fabrication process and conform to curved surfaces with ease. Incorporating 3M’s advanced adhesive technology, these industrial bonding solutions create strong bonds quickly and can withstand changing weather conditions and humidity.



Considerations when selecting 3MAdhesives and Tapes for your product and process.



What type of assembly is required?

(Refer to 7 common assembly types in the right hand column.)

What are the overall performance needs of assembly. (flexibility, high peel strength, etc.)?



What materials are being bonded together? Consider the surface condition texture of each material.



What is the current assembly and manufacturing process? Does the solution need to fit into the current process/equipment or can the process/ equipment change? What are the various process steps and how quickly will the assembly be moved to each step? At any time, might the assembly bond need to be repositioned? If so, why and when? Are there any environmental, regulatory or workplace safety restrictions?



How and where is the final product used? Will the assembly be exposed to harsh environmental conditions (UV, chemicals, high humidity, very high or low temperatures, etc.)?



Where can improvements be made in the assembly process (labour, reduction of process steps, materials, workflow, etc.)?



For specific Bonding guides refer to these PDFs