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Effective cleaning and meticulous preparation serve as the cornerstones of every triumphant signage or wrapping project. Equipping yourself with the right cleaning agents and tools is indispensable in achieving surfaces that meet professional standards, thereby facilitating a smoother application process and delivering remarkable results.

Whether you're grappling with stubborn dust and contamination lurking beneath vinyl on sign boards or facing the daunting task of removing tenacious glues and adhesive residues from panels and vehicles, we offer a comprehensive array of tools and solutions for each phase of your project.

Partnered with industry giants such as Avery Dennison, 3M, Surfacework, ATR Solution, Yellotools, and Swann Morton, you'll discover all your essential supplies right here at the Printropolis Preparation Station.

To make sure your signs shine brightly and make a lasting impact, it's essential to focus on meticulous cleaning and preparation. Examine the application surface. It must be clean, smooth, and in good condition. Any imperfections could affect adhesion and longevity.

Our specially formulated sign cleaners are tailored to remove dirt, grime, and pollutants without causing damage to your surface. They are effective on various surfaces including but not limited to vehicle paintwork, plastic, acrylic, metal and more.

In some instances your surface may be difficult to stick to and require priming prior to application of vinyl for optimal adhesion and long lasting results.

Using quality wipes (microfibre, lint free, industrial blue roll, paper towel or even recycled cloth in non-critital applications) and swabs alongside the correct clean and prep solutions are as important as the cleaners themselves.

Dispensing via premium sprayers with the correct seals for the products they contain and perfect spray pattern for your job will not only save you time but also money in the long run. 

Looking for a non-labour intensive method of vinyl graphics removal? Try the Wipeout Erasure wheel or Monti MBX Vinyl Remover.