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Surfacework POWER PACK - Buy 6 and the Cheapest is Free!
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Antistatic cleaners and tools to help disperse that annoying static charge.

Explore our Antistatic Surface Preparation Products - including Antistatic Cleaner, Brush, Squeegee, Cutting Mat, and Dust Magnet Tacky Rollers. These professional tools help you eliminate static, dust, and contamination, ensuring a clean and static-free surface for your signage and wrapping projects.


Enhance adhesion and achieve impeccable results with Signgeer's Antistatic solutions.

In the world of signage, perfection is the goal. Every detail matters, from the quality of the graphics to the pristine condition of the surface. One often-overlooked but critical aspect of signage preparation is combating static electricity, dust, and contamination. This is where antistatic products step in to play a pivotal role.

1. Eliminating Static Electricity:

Static electricity can be a silent disruptor in the signage industry. It attracts dust and particles to your signage materials, making them cling to surfaces, leading to imperfections in the finished product. Antistatic products are designed to neutralize static charges, ensuring that your signage materials stay clean and dust-free during installation.

2. Improved Adhesion:

Signage materials such as vinyl or graphics often require precise adhesion to surfaces for a professional finish. Any residual static charge can hinder the adhesion process, leading to bubbles, creases, or uneven placement. Antistatic solutions guarantee a clean, static-free surface, optimizing adhesion and resulting in a flawless appearance.

3. Contamination Control:

Dust, debris, and contaminants can mar the appearance of your signage and affect its longevity. Antistatic products like brushes and dust magnets effectively remove these particles, ensuring a pristine canvas for your signage project.

4. Professional Results:

In the signage industry, professionalism and attention to detail are paramount. Antistatic products are indispensable tools in achieving a polished look and long-lasting signage that impresses your clients and customers.

5. Cost-Efficiency:

By investing in antistatic products, you can prevent the costly rework and repairs that may be needed due to static-related issues. These products contribute to cost savings and a higher return on investment.

6. Industry-Standard Products:

We offer a wide range of antistatic products tailored to the signage industry's specific needs. Our products are trusted by professionals and backed by the quality you demand.

In the world of signage, the devil is in the details. Antistatic products may seem like small tools, but they play a big role in achieving the immaculate finish your clients expect. Don't underestimate the power of antistatic solutions; they are the key to making your signage projects stand out in a competitive market.

Ensure your signage projects reach their full potential with the assistance of antistatic products. Contact us today to learn how our solutions can elevate your signage preparation and deliver exceptional results.