'VR15' Weeder

The revolutionary VR15 Weeder - Exclusive to Signgeer!

Speed Up Your Weeding

Signgeer can’t do anything about your garden but can greatly improve your vinyl weeding times with the VR15 vinyl weeder. The VR15 is a groundbreaking tool to greatly speed up the process of vinyl weeding by giving you an extra pair of hands. Anything you normally weed by hand will be easier, quicker and more efficient with the VR15.

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The Vinyl Remover VR15  comes in 3 sizes, with a choice of working widths of up to 850mm, 1430mm and 1700mm. Optional attachments are also available - see below for more detail.

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  1. 'VR15' Vinyl Weeder
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    • Jayson Godridge - Freestyle Designs Bath
    • Was a little skeptical about how good this would be, but it has surprised me - we had a couple of large orders for around 2000 small cut text vinyl logos and the thought of spending a day or two weeding them all out made me look into this machine. With this bit of kit, we had all the logos weeded out in around 30 mins! You can loose the odd letter, but still lees than you probably would if weeding that quantity by had - Very pleased with it, easy to use, saves lots of time and is a solid well built bit of kit Would be even better though if it could remove the centers of letters too!!
    'VR15' Vinyl Weeder
    VR15 Vinyl Remover
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