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Keencut Sheet Cutters Dust Free, Precision Cutting

The SteelTrak cuts vertically, providing the ultimate in space saving convenience. Cuts sheet materials easily, cleanly & accurately every time. The super-grip clamps hold even thick materials at any angle & the clear rules along the cut lines allow easy alignment to artwork, lines or registration marks. Using standard inexpensive blades to cut a wide range of sheet materials without distortion or dust, they will deliver accurate, fast cutting, with square clean cuts to the correct size every time, whether for one off jobs or full production runs. It is so easy to use that even the most junior employee will master them in minutes. Wastage & errors will reduce as productivity increase, saving time & generating profit.

One step: SteelTrak straight to printer

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  1. SteelTrak 250cm Cutter
    3 reviews
    • 5 out of 5
    • Installed one of these after much consideration. Also looked at the other variations from both Keencut and Trimfast. Went with this as it seemed the most robust and user friendly option. Pro’s: This unit is solidly built, very sturdy. We went from a Neolt Foamtrim at almost three times the cost. It’s faster and more versatile. Also purchased the V Groove attachment which works great. Minimal mess and maximum production. Counter weight on the operation is a massive plus point. Cons: Heavy to set up the first time but solid now it’s on the wall. Foamex cutter needs slow steady operation otherwise you get splitting on the back. No different to any of the other bench cutters though. 99 out of 100 for us.
    SteelTrak 250cm Cutter
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