BumperRacer Set - Excess PPF Film Marking Template

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Whether you are currently offering Paint Protection Film (PPF), considering offering it, or even if you aren't - this little set of template markers are a game changer for this service. 

A simple but effective application of PPF is to cover only the areas that are at a high risk of damage or scratching during loading e.g. the boot/tailgate to help to prevent or at least reduce this risk.

The BumperRacer Set allows you to evenly and quickly mark this area with a pen/pencil/marker in just a few minutes where you can then apply Knifeless Tape, WrapCut etc along the marked line, apply the film and then cut it to size with the cutting tape. 

This market currently has barely developed and this is a great opportunity to make it a real gold mine for your business. What owner doesn't want to protect their vehicle, right?

Set is supplied with three angles of inclination to cover a variety of bumper styles- 

  • 90°
  • 120°
  • 140°

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  • Buy 1 for £21.25 each
Product Details
  • PPF Loading Strips on vehicles help to protect vehicle bodywork from accidental scratches and damages
  • The market for this is under developed and has a lot of room for growth 
  • BumperRacers make the marking of these bumpers quick and easy
  • Run a pen/pencil/market along the bumper in the desired distanced stencil
  • Apply a cutting tape e.g. Knifeless Tape or WrapCut over the top of the line (this is your cut line)
  • Apply PPF over the top and cut
  • Perfect loading strip created quickly and easily
  • Set of 3 - 90°, 120° and 140° inclines to suit a range of bumpers
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