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Hello Heroes Starter Kit

Product code: HELLOHEROES

We’d like to thank you for your citizenship of Printropolis, so we’ve put together a kit containing some of our newest and most useful editions to the range. It contains Sneaky Squeegees, Scrapewings and our Apex knife. We’ve also... Read more

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Surfacework Glue Remover
Our clear, alcohol-based glue remover is safer than many other glue removers on the market as it does not contain xylene and toluene - Whilst xylene and toluene are effective at glue removal, they have a higher level of toxicity.

Surfacework Titan Glue Remover
"The Boss" of Glue Removal.
This highly effective, citrus based, non-flammable cleaner and degreaser is great for removing adhesives, road tar and other heavy deposits.
All the benefits of a great glue remover, without the strong smell.
It's slow evaporating, allowing it to hang on the surface longer for the ultimate penetration and removal.

Surfacework Hulk Tar and Glue Remover
A fast-acting solvent-based tar and adhesive remover. Contains emulsifiers so is easy to rinse off.
Outstanding ability to remove tar, tree sap, adhesives, fly and bug remains.

Surfacework Surface Cleaner
A good all round cleaner that contains isopropyl (IPA) for the removal of: Oil, silicone, glue and wax deposits, chinagraph pencil marks, etc. It's Anti-bacterial too!

Surfacework Goliath High Performance Surface Cleaner
High performance cleaner designed for use on vehicles & boards prior to graphic application.
One wipe removal of dirt, wax, oil, silicone, light adhesive residue, pencil marks & more!

Apex Knife (with a pack of 10 blades)

Our best all purpose knife - internationally awarded for innovation. 

  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Triangular body for firm grip
  • Shielded cutter that allows to you cut Knifeless Tapes, string, cord etc. even when the blade is retracted - great for speed and safety
  • Internal transparent metal blade guide
  • Inbuilt blade snapper
  • Cutting stabiliser
  • Suitable for left and right handed users
  • Auto-lock blade resistant up to 8kg pressure
  • Accepts 30º or 58º 9mm blades

Overall dimensions - 140mm x 15mm x 10mm


Supplied with one of each option available - 1x Green, Blue, Teflon, Green Soft Touch and Blue Soft Touch.

The indispensable pocket-sized plastic scraper that no vinyl stripper should be without.

Great for removing pressure sensitive materials such as vinyls and tapes from a wide range of surfaces including metal, paint, plastic, glass and more with a greatly reduced risk of scratching in comparison to metal blades.

Features four edges for longevity of use and less time spent changing blades in comparison to traditional double-edged blades. Each corner has a different angle, allowing you to get into almost any recessed area with ease. This fusion of curved and straight edges provides you with the ultimate tool for maximum leverage on any removal job.

No bigger than 45mm square, this handy little scraper is extremely ergonomic and fits comfortably in any sized hand. The back of the Scrapewing is totally flat, allowing you to get right up underneath the material to be removed with ease.

It’s bevelled edges are perfectly angled to easily lift the material's edge and gently remove adhesive.
For those of you who like the finer things in life, we went that extra mile and created the Soft Grip edition. The Soft Grip has a comfort grip infill on the front for next level ergonomics. Reduced fatigue and more comfortable working. Particularly good when working with glue removers or vinyl removal fluids for enhanced grip and in turn, better pressure.
Each Scapewing material has been specially sourced and tested to suit different surfaces and withstand the effects of glue and vinyl removal fluids - please see the material compatibility list of each blade below.

Always test on an inconspicuous area prior to use.


Sneaky Squeegee

Supplied with 1x Green, Blue, White Teflon and Blue Soft Touch with Monkey Strip.

We have scoured the earth for the finest compounds, incorporated your requests and developed the SNEAKY squeegee. 

Our durable, ergonomic, economically priced squeegees are designed with daily use in mind and can be used for almost any application.

It fits comfortably in any sized hand, with unique finger grips that have one curved and one straight edge on each side to naturally accommodate your fingers and thumb for ultimate comfort whilst applying pressure during application, whichever way around you decide to hold it. 

There are integral guides on each side which help you to align your squeegee pads quickly and easily, ensuring they are evenly applied across the width. 

Features three angled corners and one squared corner, allowing you to get into any angled recess with ease.

For those of you who have your squeegee practically glued to your hand throughout the day, we even went that extra mile and created the Soft Grip edition. The Soft Grip has a comfort grip guide rail in place of the plastic guide rails and even has an additional soft grip infill on both sides for next level ergonomics. Reduced fatigue and more comfortable working. 

Available in Green (Soft), Blue (Medium), White (Hard Teflon) or Soft Grip Blue (Medium) - all with or without a Monkey Strip Squeegee Pad. 


How do I know which Sneaky Squeegee is best for me? 

We’ve put together this easy reference chart to compare against your favourite brands.






Green (Soft)


Red Flexible


Blue (Medium)


Blue Medium Flex


White Teflon (Hard)


Whtie Rigid



Microfibre Cloth
Our 40cm x 40cm heavy duty 350gsm microfibre cloths are super soft to enable you to clean and polish effortlessly without swirl marks and the use of chemicals. Scratch free, lint free and super-absorbent - our cloths have no sewn in tags to scratch the surface.

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