It's time for a Printropolis Weather Report and it's looking like rain, rain and more rain. Our citizens are getting soaked and what's worse is that all of the the cars and supermobiles throughout the city are proving a nightmare to signwrite. Winter is officially on the way... But never fear, Signman has got some great gadgets to make those problems blow away.

Dry vehicles quickly and effectively whilst minimising the risk of scratching your paintwork at the same time. This compact yet powerful dryer has a variable air flow dial that can be used with or without heat for safely and quickly drying out water from panel recesses, vents, grilles, headlight and tail light surrounds, door shuts and any other hard to reach areas where blades and towels struggle to ensure the vehicle is 100% dry before you begin application, this ensures no hidden trapped water which could cause vinyl to fail at a later date.


It's 5m long hose, paired with the inbuilt castor set gives you a great freedom of movement around the vehicle, the Airdry will follow you wherever you go!

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