Surfacework Glue Remover - Xylene Free!

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Xylene Free! 

Our clear, alcohol based glue remover is safer than many other glue removers on the market as it does not contain xylene and toluene - Whilst xylene and toluene are effective at glue removal, they have a higher level of toxicity.

Great for removing adhesive residue, oil, grease and wax. 

Great for stripping vinyl from vehicles, boards etc. as it does not evaporate too quickly, enabling you to allow it to stand for the best results. 


1. Apply directly to the contaminated area, either with a brush or soft cloth

2. Leave to soak and remove with a clean dry cloth

TIP - Heavy deposits can be lifted with a Plastic Razor Scraper to allow the glue remover to act on the base layer of the adhesive for the quickest results. 

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Product Details
  • Xylene free
  • Removes adhesive, wax, oil and grease quickly and easily
  • Hangs on the surface longer for best penetration and removal


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