Tamtorque Stainless Steel Clips

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For the secure and reliable fastening of all types of signage, street furniture and other mountable equipment.

Fits almost any size post, available in 7 different sizes from 55mm to 340mm diameter!

Unrivalled strength. Manufactured from high strength stainless steel and supplied with a hardened tamper-resistant screw featuring a unique seven sided socket. 

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For the secure and reliable fastening of all types of signage, street furniture and other mountable equipment to any shape post ranging from 55mm to 340mm in diameter.

Tamtorque offers unrivalled strength compared to other adjustable fixing systems, and can often be used in place of more expensive and difficult to use bracketry secured with nuts and bolts. Tamtorque offers unrivalled levels of strength allowing it to be used on large signage and in windy conditions. Real world tests have shown Tamtorque clamps will take in excess of 1.5 ton of weight trying to pull them apart.

Typical applications include:

  • Sign Fixing – including road signs, public information signs and advertising displays
  • Street Furniture – such as waste bins and flower planters
  • Electronic Equipment – PA systems, public address speakers, cctv and automatic number plate recognition cameras

Vandal Resistant

Tamtorque tamper-proof sign clamps can only be tightened or released with a special Tamtorque screw bit and are tough enough to withstand even the most persistent attack.

User Friendly

Tamtorque clamps are safe, quick and easy to use and feature a patented auto locking safety buckle that ensures the free end of the band is both safe and tidy.


Tamtorque tamper resistant clamps can be used over and over again. They are easily loosened, repositioned or removed completely using the special Tamtorque tool.

Technical Specification: Band width: 16mm (5/8”)

Material Specification: Band, Housing, Buckle: BS304.EN1.4301 – A2. Screw: BS410 – EN1.4006 heat treated to 1220 N/mm².

Recommended Setting Torque: 10-15 Nm 90-130 lb.in

Sizes are for close fitting brackets. It will be necessary to make an allowance for the extra band length that U brackets and similar will require.

Dont forget to order your universal channel clamps!

Product Codes & Price Breaks
Stockcode Description Qty Cost
TT340 Tamtorque Clips - 250mm - 340mm 1+ £4.34
TT100 Tamtorque Clips - 70mm - 100mm 1+ £2.75
TT190 Tamtorque Clips - 130mm - 190mm 1+ £3.35
TT130 Tamtorque Clips - 100mm - 130mm 1+ £2.95
TT250 Tamtorque Clips - 190mm - 250mm 1+ £3.70
TT70 Tamtorque Clips - 55mm - 70mm 1+ £2.50
TT160 Tamtorque Clips - 130mm - 160mm 1+ £3.20
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