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Specially developed for PPF and Tint application, the PPF Sandwich is unusually thin compared to other squeegees on the market - however it is stable enough to optimise the pressure that is exerted on the squeegee's edge during application. 

For large areas, it guarantees fatigue-free working. 

It's pointed edges enable you to work out the adhesive right up to the edges of your substrate, even side windows when tinting can be squeegeed to the smallest corner! 

The perfect companion for all detailing work. 

Available in 4" wide or 5" wide. 

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Product Details
  • Great for PPF and Tint
  • Exerts optimum pressure onto the squeegees edge
  • Fatigue-free working on large application areas
  • Pointed edges allow squeegeeing even into small corners
  • 4" or 5" Wide
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PPFSAND4 PPF Sandwich Squeegee - 4" Wide 1+ £16.90
PPFSAND5 PPF Sandwich Squeegee - 5" Wide 1+ £19.90
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