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0.2mm Guaranteed Accuracy. That’s 1:15000 Guaranteed Cutting Straightness! The accuracy of the Javlin series 2 makes it ideal for cutting banner materials, pop-ups and other display materials that require precise and accurate cutting over the full length of the cut. With this precise cutter, you can eliminate gaps and wasted material.

Available in:

  • 110cm (43")
  • 160cm (64")
  • 210cm (84")
  • 260cm (104")
  • 310cm (124")

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Product Details
In 1999 the original Javelin Cutter Bar was produced using a specialist Laser system to calibrate the full length of the cutting track.This method of production, unique to Keencut, ensures that every Evolution, Javelin & Javelin Integra cutting system is factory guaranteed to cut straight to within 0.2 mm along the full length - perfect for creating a seamless appearance in displays and installations.
• Outstanding 1:15000 straightness accuracy guarantee making the Javelin Series 2 ideal for Pop-up banner displays
• Using the single tool cutting and included blade holders, switch between cutting different materials in seconds
• Use alone as a portable cutter bar or integrate into the BigBench. BigBench provides a study aluminium bench frame, full length aluminium cutting base and Lift & Hold Mechanisms
• Reverse the Graphik Blades [CA50/032] (included) to set the machine to cut Left-Right, Right-Left or both
• The new large diameter textile wheel improves performance and longevity – cutting mat will be required
• When heat cutting and sealing is required the Keencut HotCut sliding head can be quickly attached with the appropriate electric Hot Knife and detached in seconds – ONLY USE the Hot Knife Holder if Javelin is mounted to the BigBench
• Fully equipped and ready to work with blades included
• Patented space age bearing and slide system designed for operator adjustment and minimal maintenance
• Available in four practical sizes, from 1.6 to 3.1 metres
• Blade locking thumb screw adds safety & convenience
• Tools interchange quickly for maximum productivity
• Optional Lift and hold mechanism available to enable the user to lift & load the cutter
using levers at both ends rather than lifting the bar (Please refer to either SMLH or
• Spring loaded blade holders immediately retract when not in use
• Multiple integral full length grip cords hold work safe and sure while cutting
• Circular knife supplied with blade guard to be engaged when not in use
Standard tools & accessories included with the Javelin-Series 2
VABHC Textile Blade Holder x 1
VABHG Vertical Blade Holder x 1
CA50-032 Graphik Blades x 10
VABHML Vertical Standard Blade Holder x 1
CA50-019 Medium Duty Utility Blades x 100
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