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YelloGear - Build a Tool Carrier!


Yellogear, the only fully-adaptable holder that perfectly fits everything, including an iPhone! Adjusts for a perfect fit on practically everything. Plus the only tool carrier system where you can change the combination daily to suit the job in hand.

This bespoke tool carrier system  has been based on the established hook and loop technology proven for decades by the military and law enforcement personal

Build your own bespoke tool carrier, IT'S EASY...

  1. Pick a Base (Sash, Belt, Toolbox, Prostrap)
  2. Select the holders you would like to fit on that base (Pocket Clear/Black, Base, Big Pouch, Small Pouch, Triple Pouch, Triple Mini, Quiver, Clipper, Mag Patch, Steel Patch, Tape Holder, Pro Strap Hook & Loop Pads)