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Made from high quality tungsten carbide to ISO 9001 standard.Made in the UK.

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Product Details
Made from high quality tungsten carbide to ISO 9001 standard.
Made in the UK.
Please call if you cannot see the blade listed that you require
Tip: "Customers sometimes complain that their brand new plotter blade is getting dull quickly. Often it’s not the blade, but adhesive from the vinyl collecting on the blade itself. Cleaning the top of the blade with alcohol usually corrects the problem"
Product Codes & Price Breaks
Stockcode Description Qty Cost
PBGERENV45 Gerber Envision 45 Degree Plotter Blade 1+ £9.25
PBGGSX42 Gerber GSX 42 Degree Plotter Blade 1+ £9.25
PBGRAPH45 Graphtec 45 Degree Plotter Blade 1+ £9.50
PBGSS30 Gerber Super Sharp 30 Degree Blade 1+ £11.50
PBMIMAKI45 Mimaki 45 Degree Plotter Blade 1+ £9.25
PBMUTOHEM45 Mutoh Embosstrack 45 Deg Plotter Blade 1+ £9.25
PBMUTOHFT45 Mutoh Fastrack 45 Degree Plotter Blade 1+ £9.75
PBROLAND40 Roland 40 Degree Plotter Blade 1+ £9.25
PBSUMMA35 Summagraphics Drag 35 Deg Plotter Blade 1+ £9.25
PBMUTOHFT60 Mutoh Fastrack 60 Deg Plotter Blade 1+ £12.50
PBSUMMA45 Summagraphics Tangental 45 deg Blade 1+ £19.95
PBSUMMA60 Summagraphics Tangental 60 deg Blade 1+ £21.95
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